Best JBL Glide 510 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones With Mic India 2021

Best JBL Glide 510 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones With Mic India 2021| Buy On Amazon

Best JBL Glide 510 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones With Mic India 2020

Today we will be doing the review for these budget-oriented on-ear headphones for from Infinity indirectly JBL Glide 510. It has Julie equalizer for an extended base and then normal will talk about the sound signature later. Best JBL Glide 510 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones With Mic India 2021.

Infinity(JBL) Glide 510 On-Ear Wireless Headphone with Mic, 72 Hrs Playtime(Quick Charging), Dual Equalizer Deep Bass, Voice Assistant (Black)



And the big thing is that it says 72 hours. So worth of battery life and indeed the battery life is really good I could test it for that 72 hours, but indeed the battery life is good, so this is what you get in the box basic blocks that you get.

just keep this to this site for now and these are the what you say your phones and guys these are actually on the ear headphones so they sit over the years they don’t completely cover you so that’s a distinction and if you’re not used to this kind of earphones, it might take you a day or two to get used to it.

Best JBL Glide 510 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones With Mic India 2021


The physical overview and what I feel and it says Infinity the branding over here and guys entire thing is made up of plastic so entirely it is plastic guys it seems a little bit on the cheaper side especially the buttons over here it’s connected via Bluetooth.

We feel cheap on the right-hand side we have all the buttons, for example, the volume rocker, and here we have a leading-edge when it’s connected this is the power off button that we have and we also have the microphone here and here we have the micro USB port that we used for charging left here come for some strange reason.

We don’t have any buttons it just says Infinity on both those sites like this and other your cups they have a decent cushion I would say answering the price point of this one but I do feel initially you will feel that the clamping force is slightly on the higher side as you can see it won’t break.

If you do like this say I’m doing like this but initially you feel that the clamping force is slightly tighter so it might take some time to get used to it will get a little bit loose initially.

The first date was quite high but now I’ve gotten used to it and this is a good thing and a bad thing also it’s over your years I would say so the other thing is that even after about half an hour you’re here’s won’t get hot because there is a little bit of air circulation on it but again it’s.

So it’s a different sort of an experience you’ll have to get used to it and it doesn’t have any active noise cancellation anything this is so yeah it does what do you say to block a little bit of a quite a bit of sound around you so but no active noise cancellation in anything.

But first, let’s talk about the work from home aspect of this I know many of us are actually working from home and we do video conferencing cause it’s a graph first let’s talk about that aspect and then we talk about them you aspect what do I feel about this one.

And the good thing that Jbl Glide 510Best Bluetooth Headphone Work From Home. I like all in this one is the battery life that I’m getting it says about 72 hours I couldn’t test that completely but even after about now it must be used about 1516 hours or something like that and it was showing me about 72% about 30% battery.

So again the battery life is really good, and for work from home if you also maybe have to wear this a couple of hours also then I feel it can last for about almost a V of usage like this in that respect I would say the battery life is very good coming to the Bluetooth connection.

Again one thing to notice that I think it’s only a Bluetooth connection we don’t have any bad connection or Oxford on this one so if you are thinking that you connected to our Oxford or something like that’s not the case this is a pure Bluetooth what you say headphones.

Bluetooth connections most surprisingly put on this one and it did not turn disconnect even when was under the roof of the room sitting in this one and I was speaking called stack brings me to the microphone.

Surprisingly the microphone quality on this one is much better than many of those expensive headphones. Don’t expect any active noise cancellation or anything for example in a normal situation like you are in the room, etc the call quality was very good the microphone is good the other parties never complained but when I went outside slightly it does pick up a lot of St sound.

So there is no active noise cancellation so that is something but again if you’re sitting in your house and taking calls the microphone quality is surprisingly actually had taken her love calls art and art of calls on this one and no one Complete that I was sounding muffled or anything.

So that way I feel it is good for what he said at work from the home thing that is happening a lot if you are a person who takes a lot of calls and I feel because these do not via that and let me see you with this being scared let it reset.

And as you can see just about 115 grams started task it’s pretty light also on your head that way you can wear this for a couple of hours and you’ll be OK.

After some time you don’t feel it’s that’s the only thing is that as I told you the clamping force initially will be a little bit high so you might have to like pull it out for after half an hour like this and get used to it but otherwise because of the battery life and the quality that I’m getting off Bluetooth I feel for work from home this is good now.

Let’s talk about what I feel about this when you get it I would say by default this is sent two that exist based on and it sounds horrible on that one horrible means the basis so much that it makes you crazy I think so we just equalized it like Chris to PACE curve.

Best JBL Glide 510 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones With Mic India 2021

Fortunately, you can change it to do that what you have to do is my phone is on you have to press with these buttons to volume up and down for a second and then it moves to the normal mode and I used it mostly on the normal mode as I said that the piece of two existed in the regular basis enhance mode.

so unless you’re a basic just avoided because even in the normal mode I think that the piece is enhanced quite a bit in fact if you recall recently Hydra reviewed this one to Sony and these VC is an extra-base I would say even in the normal mode just one sound has extra-base then even this one so you get it even in the normal word the basis flight an answer on this.

One but I think many youngsters like that my daughter enjoyed the sound signature on this one boosted bass so far in DMS rap etc you enjoyed but again if you’re sort of purist you don’t like that excessive base ‘cause even in the normal work it has existed based you might not like a part constraint on the box that says these enhance if I have to see well the beast rating I would read it 8.5 out of 10 cold here again.

I think are didn’t do anything the mid-tones to vocals are not getting enhance or they’re not forward sounding and the beast slightly leaks Lieutenant that so it does give that impression of again base enhance even in the normal mode part for vocals and stuff I would say the word nicely produced on this one and if I have to read it for the vocals and stuff are rated about 8 out of 10.

Now going to the higher tones Ohio frequency treble tones that we talk here I felt it was slightly lacking headphones in this range help reduce very well but if I have to be critical about it I would say 5 goodness that’s light sparkle on the travel site with this one and if after reading it overall on the travel so high frequencies I would rate it about 7.5 out of 10 to some States and the stereo imaging was good.

I did also watch quite a bit of movie on this one and watch a lot of YouTube videos and movies sounded very good on this one that the explosions etc because of it enhancement scene in the normal mode this sounded very well on this one but only thing is that for example on Netflix.

I think that one of the maximum volume levels the volume was simply not that loud then you might not like this one coming to latency in terms of video and what you say YouTube videos and Netflix without watching so good thing is that I did not notice that lip-syncing issue but some of you will keep asking me about gaming if you do you will if you carefully notice very carefully notice you will notice that micro lag there presents you just can’t compare.

The almost no gaming latency very few headsets provided that part were two tenners, airy casual player, he won’t have to notice that So what you see the wrong impression starter have with this one in terms of sound if I just talk about it.

Yes you know it’s an absolute piece then I would rate it about 8 out of 10 but again the build quality is plastic on this that is something that I do not like are you listening to music and press these buttons they give you that feeling of cheap build quality that is something that has had notice.

But again I like the fact that the battery life on this phone is raining gold the microphone for the work from home is good and also in terms of the sound signature if you are a person who enjoys slightly exaggerated bass even in normal mode then you might like it.

I hope I just wish the build quality was better because it simply just too much lost icky feeling at the UK but still considering some of the options that we have at this price for it and this coming from Infinity indirectly at Gmail company I feel that so or decent product and I would read it about 7.75 out of five anyways guys that’s it for the review of this one.

Best JBL Glide 510 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones With Mic India 2021


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