Best Dancing Toys For Kids India 2021 | Stunt Tricycle

Best Dancing Toys For Kids India 2021 | Stunt Tricycle | Buy On Amazon

It is the twenty-first century and almost everything is getting digitalized. Phones have taken the whole world by storm. But with the invention of this multitasking device, so many things have lost importance, be it as little as the radio, the morning newspaper, or as big as the kids’ toy store. Best Buy Zest 4 Toyz Stunt Tricycle Kids Toys India 2020

We are so sure you will not deny this. Nowadays, parents have found an easy way to keep their infants busy and that is by handing them their phones. But, there are many concerned parents out there who prefer to keep their kids away from this incurable addiction.

In the process to do so, they stock up their kids’ playroom with the latest toys. They keep themselves updated with what is new in the market so that they never miss a chance to surprise their little ones. So, here we are to help you choose the next one and to add one more member to your kid’s toy family.

Introducing you to the brand new Stunt Tricycle brought to you by Zest 4 Toyz. Aha, that sounds like something fascinating. Yes, it sure is. The package includes a tricycle and a toy rider that sits on it. Designed with the most attractive looking appearance and tinted with brilliant colors, this little tricycle will definitely grab your baby’s eyeballs.

Best Dancing Toys For Kids India 2020 | Stunt Tricycle


And no sooner it will become his or her favorite. No, we are not bragging! We can prove this, not with one but a total of five logical points.

Best Dancing Toys For Kids India 2021 | Stunt Tricycle

1. This stunt tricycle musical toy is manufactured completely with plastic. To be very specific, ABS good quality plastic is used which is not at all harmful.

Even the tires are plasticized so as to reduce weight and make it light enough for your baby to handle. Talking more about the design, it is properly detailed with thoughtful creativity so as to bring out a lively result.

With such perfection, your baby will find its new best friend in the tricycle rider. Imagine him/her trying to guide the toy boy all through his ride. Won’t that just look too cute?

2. The plastic is dyed with vivid shades of blue, red, yellow, and more; thereafter being molded into perfect shape. Bright and eye-catchy colors are considered while making toys so that the baby is tempted to indulge in a good play every time its eyes fall on it.

The same point was kept in mind while getting this stunt tricycle ready. So, when your kid starts whining and you are too busy to attend him, just point your finger to where this toy is placed. The result is no more whining!

3. The tricycle comes with inbuilt 4D lights, which is carefully fitted in the wheels. The light is pretty colorful and dazzling which shows up as soon as the power switch is turned ON. This will draw your infant’s attention the very moment it is activated. Following this, you will only see him/her smile continuously in amazement.

4. This piece of innovative plastic has this very impressive musical feature. When you turn it on, your baby will start dancing to its melodious tunes instantly. You may also feel the urge to dance along.

What a happy moment it shall be! So come on, you should have made up your mind by now. Are you buying it or not? We can hear a big yes. As we promised.

5. The last but the most lovable feature about this incredible toy is that it can rotate 360° on its own. As you might have seen the name, it is a stunt tricycle. The toy rider lifts the tricycle in a stunting position just like they show on television.

Cool, ain’t it? Your baby will not be able to help himself but jump with excitement on seeing his rider friend is no less than a hero. Also, it has got “Bump and Go” technology with which it can effortlessly change its direction when it bumps into an obstacle on its way.

This means you do not have to worry about sitting there to change its position manually every now and then. Once you start it ON, it will be in constant motion until it is powered OFF. Such a fun partner this toy is that will accompany your child, while you complete your work.

The power source that this tricycle works on is provided by 3 AAA batteries which are not included in the package. So when you buy this toy, make sure to add in the required batteries to the list.

Precautions must be taken while inserting and removing the batteries. Also, change them from time to time so as to sustain the durability of this amazing toy.

Best Dancing Toys For Kids India 2021 | Stunt Tricycle

Benefits for the babies 
• Provides the utmost enjoyment through multiple activities.
• Boosts various skills like creativity and imagination.
• Helps to gain better motor skills.
• Improves color recognition.
• Better hand-eye coordination.

Best Stunt Tricycle Toy For Kids India 2021

The benefits parents might like
• 10 days replacement policy.
• Guaranteed durability.
• Applicable for both boys and girls of 3 years and above.
• Various colors to choose.
• Safe and harmless without any pointed edges.

If you are still reluctant and not able to say yes to such a fantastic product, then you are actually overlooking a diamond to reach out for pearls. Better buy this now before you miss it and give your kid one more reason to say that his/her mom and dad are the best in the whole world. Thank you later!


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