Best Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones India 2020

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Best Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones In India 2020


Can you tell us three things that people cannot live without? Technically, it is air, food, and water but if u said: a smartphone (with internet obviously), its charger, and earphones, you are no less than right. While the smartphone and the charger may work really well for years, it is always the Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones that ditch you.

Even after spending the whole of your pocket money for the most expensive brand and despite taking the utmost care, one side of it will show you its true colors. Also, the problem with plug-in wired earphones is that the cable is too long to handle and it is very irritating to untangle it every time you want to use them.

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z in-Ear Bluetooth Earphones with Mic (Black)


So, they invented earbuds but these are too small and need excessive care. You may love them for their working on Bluetooth connection without any cable, but there is always the possibility of one of them falling off and being lost. You have to frequently check if both of them are there or not, the reason you can not use them outdoors.

This calls in for the need to buy something that is in between; earphones that work on Bluetooth and which have a shorter cable to stick them to each other so that when one of them pops out, the other one keeps it clinging.

Call them what you want to-“neckband headphones,” “behind-the-neck headphones,” or even the more obvious “collar headphones”—but this distinctive modern style of in-ear and around-the-neck earphones are all the rage as of late.

And if you haven’t experienced them yourself, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. The success of neckband headphones boils down to three important considerations: a unique combination of convenience, amazing Features, and battery life unmatched by any other in-ear headphone design.

Now, the next problem you may face is choosing one from the many options available because anxiety comes with variety. Oh, come on! Why worry when we are here? We present to you the latest collar headphones – OnePlus Bullets wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones Z.

What is unique about OnePlus bullets?
• Warp charge
• 20 hours endurance
• Magnetic control
• Quick switch
• Low latency mode
• Sweat and water-resistant.

Warp Charge:
Warp chargers are engineered to be surprisingly clever. Integrated circuits are built into the adapter itself, so heat is dissipated before it ever reaches the device. This means faster, safer, and cooler charging that never slows down.

Thus, your Bullets Wireless Z is ready before you are. It takes only 10 minutes to the charge for letting you enjoy 10 hours of music and movies. On a full charge, it provides up to 20 hours of battery life, so you can keep the music going continuously for a whole day.

Easy listening:
With convenient features like Quick Switch, Quick Pair, and Magnetic Control, listening to your music has never been this simple. Pairing it to your device is even simpler. Just separate the earbuds (magnetically attached), tap “connect” and you are ready to escape into the musical world. Skip set-up and save time.

The Quick Switch lets you switch between two paired devices, such as your phone and tablet or laptop. All you have to do is simply press the function button twice to switch. The most amazing feature is that in order to play and pause your tracks, you have to use the magnetic control.

Just separate the earbuds to start listening, and when you’re ready to pause, just clip the earbuds together.

You can also answer phone calls and talk effortlessly using the inbuilt microphone. This is one “work from home” accessory that you need to get your hands on to make quarantine more productive.

Strong connectivity:

With Bluetooth version 5.0 and a range of 33m, you have the freedom to move. Go wherever the music takes you, With improved connectivity, you no longer have to worry about the distance between you and your device.

Awesome sound quality:

Each earbud is fitted with a 9.2mm dynamic driver and a super bass tone. With this, you get to experience super-rich sound and excellent tonality every time you play the music. Whether you want to dance to some loud, party tracks or sleep to slow, smooth music OnePlus bullets are there for all your lit vibes.

Attractive, waterproof design:

Speaking of style, these sleek, black neckbands look like no other headphones you’ve ever seen. With the gorgeous metallic buds and the elegant cable, there is no denying that they make a bold statement.

There’s one more thing about these neckband headphones that’s worth mentioning. They have a reinforced sweat and water-resistant design which gives you the liberty to carry them anywhere. Level up your workout with motivational music playing in your ear. Moreover, this gadget weighs only 28g, as light as feather huh.

Low latency mode:
Low Latency Mode enables an immersive real-time audio experience. With latency reduced to 110ms, your audio stays in sync.

Always with you and easy to handle:

Given that the earbuds are hanging around your neck, mere inches from your ears means you won’t have to dig through your bag or your pockets when you want to listen to some tunes or take a phone call.

And since virtually neckband headphones connect to your smartphone or personal media player via Bluetooth, those two tiny little cords connecting the collar to the earphones are the only cables you need to worry about.

That means no more rat’s nests to untangle. Since those cables aren’t extending from your head to your pocket, it also means fewer opportunities to snag them on a doorknob and rip your earphones out of your ears. Or worse yet, break the wires, rendering your precious audio purchase worthless.

What’s in the box?
• 1x Pair of Bullets Wireless Z.
• 3x Silicon earbuds.
• 1x USB charging cable.
• 1x User guide.
• 1x Safety and Warranty card.

Why buy OnePlus Bullets wireless Z?
• Amazing features.
• Fast charging.
• 7 Days easy replacement.
• 1-year warranty.
• Other beautiful colors are available.

If you are not convinced yet that OnePlus Bullets wireless Z is your final choice, we do not know how else to prove to you that this indeed is the best and the best and the best option. Hurry up and place your order before it runs out of stock.

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