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Best Buy Budget Smartwatch India 2020

Fishing for a cell phone on regular occasions just to check the time looks desperate thus, the use of wristwatches. Initially ridiculed by the public as a silly trend – wristwatches soon became the norm as their practicality made pocket watches out-dated. Best Buy Budget Smartwatch India 2021

Some might argue that wristwatches are now slowly becoming obsolete. But no, this is not true. Wristwatches have come a long way and in order to sustain them for even a longer time, technology brands are viciously trying to follow consumer trends and preferences.

They have been successful in achieving this objective by giving them a complete makeover. Compare the initial wristwatches with the latest designs and you will find a ground sky difference. One category that evolved is in between watches and smartphones.

Thus the new name – smartwatches. But innovation did not stop here. So many companies have come up with a variety of designs and features for a single smartwatch model. Such vast variations will drive you crazy when in the hunt of the most advanced smartwatch.

Therefore, we thought of helping you a little. You’re most welcome (yeah, we heard your thank you). Through this article, we will introduce you to our best choice of smartwatch; at the same time making it your final choice maybe. You might never know. So let’s begin Best Buy Budget Smartwatch

Amazfit Bip Lite Smart Watch (Black)


This piece of smartness is called the Amazfit Bip Lite smartwatch. Not just the name, but all things about this watch are amazing. The device is square-faced and curved edges with chunky bezels on all sides. It has its name plastered on the space below the screen.

The 1.28-inch reflective color touch screen is the always-on display. This allows you to easily glance for time, date, steps, and much more. Layering the display on top is 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 3 which seems to have an oleo-phobic coating. Its anti-fingerprint property maintains a clean display.

So, you can swipe on the display and navigate through the UI (user interface) of the watch without worrying about getting fingerprints on. There is a single button on the right side, which is the wake/back button. The 20mm straps are made out of silicone and are replaceable.

So, if they wear out but the display still works great, you can swap them with other compatible bands. The supplied straps have a watch-like clasp which makes it easy to wear and reduces the chances of the device accidentally coming off.

What steals the attention is the classic black color that fits perfectly with any kind of outfit you wear – formal or casual.

Best Buy Budget Smartwatch India 2021

The touchscreen responds well without any issues. It disables itself after a couple of seconds to prevent accidental touches, and you need to wake it by pressing the wake button. The UI on the watch uses big fonts and icons which make it easy to comprehend even when you are in a hurry.

The screen is easily readable both indoors and outdoors even under direct sunlight. This makes it suitable to wear all day long even when you have to work out of the house. Talking about weight, it is only 32g. With such feather-light weight, you can barely feel its presence on the hand.

So you can wear it 24/7 and even sleep with it on for sleep tracking without discomfort. Fitted in the base of this sleek wearable are a heart rate sensor and a pedometer. This records all your activities and keeps track of sports like walking, cycling, running outdoors, or on the treadmill.

The device is compatible with both iOS as well as android. It requires the Amazfit app on your smartphone for setup as well as to relay information. The app is easy to use, and syncing the watch with your smartphone is quick.

Once connected, the app shows information about the number of steps taken, sleep duration and sleep quality, heart rate, and other activity. You can also set the frequency of heart rate detection, set alarms, and change the watch’s display settings.

The app does not have a noticeable impact on your phone’s battery even when it keeps running in the background. This app also has a watch face customization feature. Continuous heart rate tracking is possible on the Best Smartwatch with Price In India 2020 Amazfit Bip Lite.

You can set different intervals between 1 minute and 30 minutes for continuous tracking. It is able to accurately track your deep and light sleep phases and also offers sleep quality analysis. In addition to this, it gives you sedentary reminders if you have been sleeping for too long.

Next on the list of these impressive features of Amazfit Bip Lite is that you can enjoy instant push notifications for calls, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail, and other social networking sites. Coming to its battery, it is made up of lithium polymer.

Amazfit claims to have a 45-day battery life which may seem too good to be true. But, you can verify from our satisfied customers or buy it and check it yourself. This fitness band is ATM verified meaning it is waterproof and can resist water up to 30m of depth. Amazfit Bip Lite comes with a standard brand warranty.

The device will appeal to those looking for a good fitness wearable with a bigger display, accurate tracking system, and acceptable battery life. If you are still wanting more benefits then scroll down.
• Sleek and lightweight design
• Water-resistant
• Package with Amazfit Lite smartwatch + proprietary charger + user manual
• Manufacturing warranty
• Easy exchange in case of manufacturing damage.

We have done our part of the job by recommending this advanced and affordable innovation. Trying to find something better will surely be a waste of time because this is the best. So, get up from that couch now to Best Buy Budget Smartwatch

Rush to a nearby wearable shop and buy Amazfit Bip Lite before you miss it. If you are too lazy to move out, you can even order it online. Enjoy the advantages it has for you and be our happy customer.

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