Best Smart Band Under 2000 India 2021 | Fitness Tracker

Topic: Best Smart Band Under 2000 India 2021 | Fitness Tracker

An intelligent band which is also known as a fitness tracker is a handy component for checking the health of a person. It is a product which is used to be carried by all kinds of people as a Health checker band. So we have a list of the best smart band in India for you under a price range of 2000 rupees.

A survey was conducted by Fitbit globally. In that survey, they reveal that we Indians were very lazy from the perspective of fitness. We take only 6,500 steps on an average in a day. While the people in the country who is standing on top of this survey take 15000 steps on an average in a day.

List of the best smart band under 2000

1. mi smart band 4

Best Smart Band Under 2000 India 2020 | Fitness Tracker


Mi smart band 4 Comes with pre-installed watch faces and an option to choose pictures from your gallery also. The interface of this band permits you to track vital metrics and customize your workout, which will satisfy your requirements.

This band is much useful when you do the workout. You would able to Change the song, increase and decrease the volume with music control with the help of this band. This band also checks a variety of activities like swimming, dancing, running, walking, cycling, and pushups, etc.

This watch is water-resistant up to 50m with a swim-tracking option also available in the device. The display is colourful with an AMOLED screen. The battery life of this band is excellent, which is up to 20 days after one time complete charging.

2. Honor band 5 

Best Smart Band Under 2000 India 2020 | Fitness Tracker


This band comes with a full-colour AMOLED display. The Screen of this band displays up to 45 characters, with colour-coded text and call icons, for instantly identifiable communication. This band also identifies Real-time monitoring and analysis of sleeping heart rate and breathing. Sleeping time problems will also be placed with the help of this band.

One of the greatest and the main features of this band that it is comes with a spO2 monitor. With the help of this monitor, you able to find out the amount of dissolved oxygen in the blood sample of yours.

The battery backup of this smart band is of 15 to 16 days with one time full charging. A 24-hour heart rate monitor is also available in this device. This device also supports phone messages, Whatsapp messages, etc. And you can read the complete message also in this band.

3. Mi band 3 

Best Smart Band Under 2000 India 2020 | Fitness Tracker


This band comes with a large OLED display of 0.78 inches. This band also comes with almost all kinds of features which we have seen in other watches.

With the help of this band, you would be able to read messages and notification without taking your phone. You would also measure distance covered, step count, sleep quality, and many other data with just only one touch. This fitness band is also water-resistant and contains the same features as given in Mi smart band 5.

The belt or the straps of this band are also user-friendly and skin-friendly. The strap is made of thermoplastic elastomer material that allows for a more comfortable fit for any wrist size. The battery life of this smart band is also of nearly 20 days with only one time of complete charging.

On which parameter we made this list: 

Battery Backup: Battery backup is the most important and essential object in any device. The battery backup in this list of the best smart band under 3000 gives priority. The average smart band gives a backup of 5 to 6 days quickly on this list.

Water-resistant: We use these bands more while we are exercising or doing any physical work. Swimming is also an exercise, and we should again wear this smart band while we swim. So the band needs to be water-resistant.

Built-in Quality: The built quality of a material defines it’s worth and standard. Built-in quality matters a lot, whether it is a smart band or other products. So, before buying the best smart band under 2000 in India firstly ensure the quality of the band.

Compatibility: Before buying the smart band, firstly ensure that it is compatible with your device or not. There are some of the band which is not compatible with all the tools. So, before buying the smart band, make sure that the smart band is consistent with the device you use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the use of a fitness band?

Ans: You may use a fitness band while performing various tasks. You will track your pulse rate, heartbeat. In brief, it is a device that measures almost all of your health issues.

Q2: could I buy a smart band for daily use?

Ans: Yes, You will buy a smart band for daily use. You will purchase and wear them instead of a watch. A branded look has cost much as compared to an engraved smart band. Another reason to buy a smart band instead of a watch is that a watch is heavy and you may not be able to wear it for a long time.

Q3: Is a fitness band is safe for our health?

Ans: A fitness band is entirely safe for your health as it does not radiate any harmful radiation.


In the end, I hope that you may find your best smart band from the list of the best smart band under 2000 rupees. From my experience, I highly recommend you give a try to the smart band, and you just loved it.

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