Best Budget Gaming Mouse Under 1500 India 2020

3 Best Budget Gaming Mouse Under 1500 India 2021

Topic: 3 Best Budget Gaming Mouse Under 1500 India 2021

A gaming mouse having the best grip will help you to achieve the gaming experience you want. If you are a regular gamer and enjoy the best of daily gaming, you should try these top 3 best budget gaming mouse under 1500 in India.

If you are a competitive type player and want your mouse to betray you at short moments of the game and want to perform great, this article is for you.

These mouses are best under budget and will provide a premium experience. Having a cheap and effective mouse will keep your account good and gaming great.

We are suggesting these 3 mice are the best in the market that we are tested and are satisfied with the performance. They are the cheapest mice available in the market and will be the best buy for your pocket.

Top 3 Best Budget Gaming Mouse under 1500 In India.

1. Redgear Z-Series Z1 Pro Gaming Mouse

Best Budget Gaming Mouse Under 1500 India 2020


The first on our list is the Z1 Pro gaming mouse of Redgear. Gaming Grade PMW 3360 DPI sensor offers peak performance during even the most troubling times and easy access DPI control buttons on the top for quick adjustments.

Impressive Side Gips with unmatched stability and control. RGB Illumination Five preset modes and effects give your gear some flash. Ergonomic Shape – Ambidextrous design caters to both hands and all grip types.

Key features:

  • Mighty 3360 gaming-grade sensor 
  • DPI up to 12000 
  • Palm and claw grip 
  • 16.8million RGB options ( Can be customized via software 
  • 6D macro buttons ( Can be customized via software ) 
  • Braided cable for durability.

  • Powerful and smooth.
  • RGB lighting.
  • DPI adjustment button.
  • Comfortable and fits well in hands. 
  • Does not have side buttons.
  • A little bit heavy.


2. Cosmic Byte Equinox Alpha 5000DPI 7 Button Gaming Mouse.

Best Budget Gaming Mouse Under 1500 India 2020


The second comes on the list is the Equinox Alpha Gaming mouse. Fully adjustable resolution settings help you swiftly shift through dpi settings up to 5000 DPI. Our proprietary cosmic byte gaming software enables you to exercise your gaming strategy and assign macros, control lighting on the spectra RGB lighting system with a choice of 16.7 million colors to personalize your mouse to your taste entirely. The equinox alpha gaming mouse also comes with a 1000hz refresh rate, accurately translating your hand movements onto the screen.

Key features:

  • Mouse Sensor: PIXART PMW3325. 
  • Resolution: Up to 5000 DPI. 
  • Change DPI on-the-go with the Dual DPI Switches. 
  • Number of Buttons: 7. 
  • Polling Rate: Upto 1000Hz. 
  • 16.8 million colors to personalize.

  • Easy plug and play.
  • High-grade sensor.
  • Excellent hold on the mouse.
  • Dual DPI. 
  • A little bit heavier.


3. Live Tech Professional Game On Wired Gold Plated USB Gaming Mouse

Best Budget Gaming Mouse Under 1500 India 2020


The last but not the least comes the GameOn Gaming Mouse of Live Tech. The mouse has a PIXART 3325 sensor with colorful RGB lighting for giving you immersive and proactive gaming involvement. This mouse has a fantastic.

response to the movement to provide you with a rapid response for better precision. The mouse has a Stainless steel bottom with a Teflon Bottom mat’s option for a less friction resistance experience. The extremely comfortable design fits your palm, specially structured according to the gamer’s requirements, which indirectly help in long gaming hours.

Key features:

  • True DPI 5000 
  • Software Calibration DPI:8000 
  • 6D Gaming Mouse 
  • Tiger Shark Look 
  • USB Gold plated 
  • Braided Cable

  • Easy to setup.
  • Six buttons.
  • PIXAR 3325 sensor.
  • Beautiful RGB lighting. 
  • Uncomfortable on long gaming sessions. 


Buying guide for the cheapest gaming mouse.

The buying guide for the top 3 Best budget gaming mouse under 1500 in India will help you understand the concepts. Buying a gaming mouse is not a challenging task to do. You have to consider some things before you buy the best gaming mouse according to your need. Some of the critical factors are DPI, RGB; Sensor used, etc.

All Of The Things Are Explained Below.


DPI stands for “Dots Per Inch.” Most mice move roughly about 800DPI by default. This is considered the standard speed of any mouse. Now that’s to say if you physically move the mouse one linear inch, the mouse on the screen will move roughly 800 dots in length. Increasing the DPI means that the same inch you physically moved the mouse equates to more distance on the net. And of course, decreasing the DPI results in less space traveled on screen.


The mouse uses two types of sensors: Laser sensor and Optical sensors. The laser mouse is used for daily purposes, and for gaming, the optical mouse is the best. Professional gamers use optical mouses. So the optical sensor mouse is best for gaming.


Price is the most crucial factor while buying a gaming mouse. Pricing depends on the qualities of the mouse.


The mouse’s toughness and long-term life and the durability of the hardware are crucial factors for the mouse’s extended use. The mouse should be able to be sustainable in all conditions.


The higher the mouse’s weight is challenging to move the mouse, the lighter the mouse is carrying. The importance of the mouse must be not too heavy and not too soft. Weight must be intermediate.


The top 3 gaming mouse under 1500 in India are the mouses that are best and cheap and value for money. From the above list, a real gamer can easily find what he is looking for. Cosmic-Byte is the best choice if you want a quick comparison. If you have any queries, then you can ask us in our FAQ.


Frequently Asked Questions On Top 3 Best Budget Gaming Mouse Under 1500 in India.

Q.1: All the mouses are under 1500? 

Ans: Yes.

Q.2: All the mouses are with RGB? 

Ans: Yes.

Q.3: Are they the cheapest?

Ans: Yes.

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