Top 3 Best IFB Front Load Washing Machine India 2021

Top 3 Best IFB Front Load Washing Machine India 2021

Topic: Top 3 Best IFB Front Load Washing Machine India 2021

IFB is a top brand which is dominating the market with their washing machines. IFB comes with its world-class washing machines in the market.

It is a premium brand and also a popular one because of its reputation. People think that IFB is a foreign brand but people are wrong with their thinking.

IFB is a proud Indian brand and all of its Top 3 Best IFB Front Load Washing Machine are proudly made in India. They always come with innovation and new technologies to dominate the market.

In the market of washing machines with the world’s leading brands like Samsung, Whirlpool, the IFB washing machines dominate the market with nearly taking the 40-45% share of all washing machines running across the world.

The Whirlpool washing machine company comes on the second number. The IFB washing machines have been in service for the last three decades and provide the best and effective washing machine service to all of the customers.

To keep their washing machine’s latest technology ready and for innovative washing, the IFB washing machines are in partnership with the Bosch motor company.

The partnership will help them to always stay ahead of the competition and provide the best washing experience with the motors made in Bosch motor company.

The IFB washing machine company comes in different varieties according to the needs of the market and the consumers.

For example, the IFB washing machines come in two main varieties which are top load washing machines and front load washing machines. There are various varieties available in the IFB washing machine company.

Usually, they work on the demands and trends of the market and the customers. The top load washing machines of the IFB washing machines are the best selling washing machines.

If you are looking to buy an IFB washing machine, then you are in the right place. We have listed the best 3 IFB washing machines available in India.

We have personally used them and also performed several tests under the experts. In this article, you will find the best three IFB washing machines to buy online. According to your need, we have given both – the top load IFB washing machine and the front load IFB washing machine available in India.

Top 3 Best IFB Front Load Washing Machine available in India :

1.6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Top 3 Best IFB Front Load Washing Machine India 2020


The first washing machine that comes on our list is the IFB 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine.

Design and Material :

This washing machine comes with strong built and very high-quality stainless steel. The weight of the machine is 6 Kg. This washing machine is best suited for both bachelors and couples. It is a front-load washing machine. The front-load is designed in that manner so that it can be opened easily and it is wide enough to put all of your clothes in the washing machine. The design is very eye-catching and the material is tough.

Features :

If you are buying an IFB washing machine and it does come with lots of features then it is quite an impossible thing. We are saying this because this washing machine comes with Crescent Moon Drum. The Smooth crescent moon grooves on the drum surface create a gentle water cushion that prevents damage to fabrics.

It is the best feature that will keep four clothes and fabrics soft. The second best feature is the 2D Wash System. The Wash and rinse cycle uses a shower system that ensures thorough soaking and a cleaner wash, Ball Valve.

Technology: The float ball valve lets the water out while keeping the detergent in, this technology prevents wastage and enhances the wash.

Washing mechanism used :

This washing machine uses the 2D wash system. The 2D wash system is capable of washing all of the clothes without damaging them. The mechanism will keep the fabrics smooth and soft.

Specifications and Special features :

  • Capacity – 6 KG 
  • Mechanism – 2D wash System 
  • RPM – 800 
  • Wash programs – 15 Wash programs 
  • Material – Stainless Steel

  • Does,t damage fabrics
  • Front-load is easy to use
  • Light-weight
  • Fits in a small place
  • Sometimes services are done late.


2. 8kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Top 3 Best IFB Front Load Washing Machine India 2020


If you are not satisfied with the 6 KG IFB washing machine and looking for a bigger size, then the 8kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine is made for you. It is another great machine from the brand of IFB. Let’s deep look into the details.

Design and material :

The design of the IFB washing machine is very attractive and it will fit in any corner of your house. The material used in the washing machine is stainless-steel. It is made from tough materials and this washing machine will stay with you for a longer time. The design and the User Interface will help you to ease your work.

Features :

This 8 KG washing machine is packed with lots of great and cool features. Some of the great features are, it comes with 14 wash programs. The size of the washing machine is 8 KG that will help you to load more fabrics and clothes in less time and do the washing.

It is a fully automatic front loading washing machine. The Wash care programs are Cotton heavily soiled, cotton normally soiled, daily wash, lingerie, program repeat, silk special, curtains, mixed fabric, and wool or hand wash additives.

This washing machine comes with an inbuilt heater. You can wash and dry your clothes and fabrics in the machine. The front loader will help you to do your washing more efficiently.

Washing mechanism used

This is a front loader washing machine and uses a 3D wash system. The 3D wash system ensures the washing quality and keeps the fabrics soft in the washing machines.

The 3D wash system as the name suggests allows the water to flow and rotate in 360 degrees and do effective washing. The 1400 RPM ensures the washing quality and helps the washing machine to achieve the great clothes wash users want.

Specifications and special features:

  • Capacity – 8 KG 
  • RPM – 1400 
  • Wash system – 3D wash system 
  • Inbuilt heater. 
  • Fully automatic 
  • Front-load 
  • Energy and water-efficient 

  • Inbuilt heater
  • Uses normal electricity
  • Flexible front-load
  • Great looks and user interface
  • Heavier


3.6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top IFB Loading Washing Machine

Top 3 Best IFB Front Load Washing Machine India 2020


Last but not least comes the  IFB 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine. It is a best-fit washing machine for anyone whether it is a bachelor, couples, big homes. It comes with a size of 6.5 KG. Let’s check all the product details given below.

Design and Material:

It comes in a sleek design. The material used in the washing machine is tough stainless-steel. It is a washing machine of intermediate size.

It can fit in any corner of your house. The pure white look and the toughness of the washing machine will help it to work for longer periods.

All of the UI and the buttons to use the washing machine are located on the top of the washing machine. It is a top load washing machine and is very effective for faster and great washes.


It comes with lots of amazing features. This machine comes with 8 washing programs. This washing machine comes with an inbuilt heater. It is an ideal washing machine for a family having 3-4 members. The drum is made up of a Crescent moon drum.

It also comes with the auto imbalance system which will help the machine to keep balancing the load and increase the life of the washing machine.

It is powered by Aqua Energie. The 3D wash system will help to clean clothes and fabrics to the best. The triadic pulsator is also a great feature given in this washing machine. The 8 wash programs will help the users to perform the wash according to their needs.

Washing Mechanism Used: 

This washing machine is based on the 3D washing mechanism system. The dynamic wash system is great for laundry.

It gets absorbed in the clothes and cleans the best. The 3D washing mechanism helps the water to revolve around the machine load and doing a 360 round will help the water to clean clothes to the best.

Specifications and special features:

  • 3D wash system 
  • Capacity – 6.5 KG 
  • Inbuilt heater 
  • Stainless-steel body 
  • Top load washing machine 
  • Crescent moon drum 
  • Auto imbalance system 
  • 8 wash programs 

  • 3D wash mechanism
  • Lightweight
  • Fits in all places
  • Inbuilt heater and triadic pulsator
  • Sometimes creates noise on long use. 


IFB Washing Machines Buying Guide

Many factors are affecting the IFb washing machine. A buyer must look at them before going to buy a washing machine online.

Factors like weight, mechanism, capacity, wash cycles, etc are nearly available in all washing machines but, we are going to look into the features and factors of Top 3 Best IFB washing machines.

 2D and 3D wash system 

Nearly all of the IFB washing machines including both – the top load washing machines and the front load washing machines come with the 3D wash system.

The latest models and future models will contain a 4D wash system. The 3D wash system means the load of the washing machine contains 3 nozzles, for spraying the water in the drum from three sides.

A 2D wash system contains 2 nozzles and in the case of a 4D wash system, the drum contains 4 nozzles for spraying the water from four sides. This feature helps to dissolve the detergent into the water and the water penetrates throughout the clothes providing a great wash and clean clothes.

Aqua Energie

Nearly all of the IFB washing machines come with the Aqua Energie filter. The work of the filter is to break down the carbonates into crystals. This filter is only available in IFB washing machines. It reduces scaling on the heater and the tub. It also decreases detergent consumption.

Crescent moon drum

All of the IFB washing machines come drum-shaped in the form of crescent moon shaped grooves on its surface. The work of the moon drum is to act as a soft cushion. It works to protect the clothes from damage that may be done by the rotating drums.

Inbuilt heaters

Now the inbuilt heaters are present in almost all of the IFB washing machines in the market. It warms up the water for soft washing. The hot water dirt and stains from dirty clothes. The heater also sanitizes clothes.

Auto balance

This feature of IFB washing machines is used to detect and balance the drum inside the washing machine. This feature is also helpful to reduce noise and vibration in the washing machine.


All IFB washing machines come with the auto-start feature which saves the previous settings on which the washing machine was used and then applies the settings after and you can use your previous settings.

Types of loads

The IFB washing machines come with two types of loads. Basically, the two types of loads are – top load washing machine and the front load washing machine.

Each one of the loads has its own advantages. For example, in front load, it is fast and convenient to take in and take out the clothes from the washing machines.

And if we take the top load washing machine we can perform the washing at ease and good stability. Both types of loads are very good if we are talking about the IFB washing machines.

You can buy any washing machine whether it is top load or it is front load. They will perform best.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.1 Is all the washing machines from IFB?

A.1 Yes.

Q.2 Is IFB an Indian brand? 

A.2 Yes, IFB is an Indian Brand.

Q.3 Do these washing machines contain 2D/3D wash mechanisms?

A.3 Yes, Some are of 2D and some are of 3D mechanism.

Q.4 Is an inbuilt heater available? 

A.4 Yes, an inbuilt heater is available.

Q.5 Do all the IFB washing machines available online?

A.5 Yes, they are available on Amazon.

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