Best baby sleeping bag in India

There are a lot of factors that can affect the baby’s sleeping schedule and style. A night of good sleep for the baby can lead to many health benefits. A lot of things matter related to the sleeping habits of those babies who are under 6 months of age. 

What is a baby sleeping bag? 

Baby sleeping bags are portable comfortable cotton surface bags, which are also claimed to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome [SIDS] most common in kids under 4-5 age.

These bags prevent overheating, they also prevent babies from removing the covers at night because temperature variations can disturb a baby’s sleep.

Baby sleeping bag [how to choose the right one] in India

These bags are available according to the age groups of the kids, purchasing an oversized or small-sized sleeping bag for a baby can cause problems, it is recommended that the baby should be at least 5 weeks old before you purchase a sleeping bag for your baby. 

We have listed some of the top recommended sleeping bags for babies in India which are available to purchase online. With in-depth features, pros & cons, you can easily make your decision on which one you should buy for your kid.

Here’s the best sleeping bag for baby available in India

1. Owlivia cotton sleeping bag for baby [0-6] months

Basic Overview:-

  • Brand- Owlivia
  • Size- 0-6 months
  • Colour- Pink
  • Weight- 0.42 pounds
  • Dimensions- 25x20x2 cm

Special Features:-

  1. Dual ways zippers can be opened from bottom or top for easy comfort in removing or diaper changing.
  2. A safety tab at the neckline protects the chin area of the face.
  3. Built with high-quality cotton material and fiber, a soft layer for baby comfort sleep.
  4. Adjustable blankets according to the temperature variance.
  5. Perfect for all-season [Summer, Winter, Autumn, Spring]
  6. Suitable for machine wash in cold water.
  7. Super soft, safe, and secure layer that creates a cozy environment for the baby.

Consider these points before buying [Advantages]

  • This sleeping bag for babies is made up of 55% organic cotton, 40% bamboo viscose, 5% elastane. The combination of these materials creates a smoother comfort surface for the baby to relax, sleep, and lay safely.
  • Colour matching adjustable pink strip which enhances the design of the sleeping bag.
  • Easy to wash as the layers are machine friendly, you can also wash it with hands, not much effort is needed while washing it with your hands.
  • Sufficient room area for baby to kick. 

Know why this product is not suitable [Disadvantages]

  • The fabric soft layer feels synthetic, not much smooth as stated.
  • The size is too large for some babies under 6 months of age.
  • The material shrinks if it is washed roughly

2. Kradle sleeping bag for baby [0-5] months

Basic Overview:-

  • Brand- Kradle
  • Size- 0-5 months
  • Colour- Blue, White
  • Weight- 0.34 pounds
  • Dimensions- 25x37x50 cm

Special Features:-

  1. Ultra-soft fluffy layer for comfortable sleep of the baby
  2. Adjustable ventilation area that comes with a zip switch for sufficient airflow. 
  3. Inbuilt mosquito protection net that prevents your babies from mosquito bite diseases.
  4. Has a safe layer that is filled with hypoallergenic fiber and treated with an antimicrobial solution that provides a safe and secure environment for the babies.
  5. Organic Pure cotton fiber material is certified to ensure comfort in the sleeping area.
  6. It securely wraps up the baby without disturbing their comfort and relaxation, the sleeping sack can be also used as a sleeping bag for the baby.

Consider these points before buying [Advantages]

  • This sleeping bag has a certified organic cotton fabric layer which is recommended for 0-6 months age group babies.
  • Comfortably wraps up the baby by providing them a breathable and kicking area.
  • Provides peaceful naps due to its fluffy smooth layer and larger legroom.
  • Durable quality zip can be adjusted from top or bottom.

Know why this product is not suitable [Disadvantages]

  • The attractive prints design of the sleeping bag can be damaged or fainted if washed roughly.
  • The zipper can be damaged by pushing it suddenly down or up, always adjusting it by freehand slowly.

3. Abracadabra baby sleeping bag [0-9 months]

Basic Overview:-

  • Brand- Abracadabra
  • Size- 0-9 months
  • Colour- Orange, White, Yellow
  • Weight- 1.102 pounds
  • Dimensions- 70x36x6 cm

Special Features:-

  1. Has a convenient and practical design with the nest bag that has 360-degree zip closure.
  2. The bag keeps the movements and kicking habits of the baby safe and comfortable, it’s easy to hold and carry the baby anywhere.
  3. Portable to any carrycots, cradles, cribs, strollers the side layers are smooth and fluffy in design that provides comfort anywhere you keep the bag.
  4. It is suitable for both indoor/outdoor environments and provides the same level of ultra-comfort to the baby in any season.
  5. Colorful and Attractive prints make the appearance of the bag beautiful, the bag can go along with any blanket.
  6. Made with a breathable and premium cotton layer even the nest is made super soft with respect to the sensitive skin of the baby.

Consider these points before buying [Advantages]

  • The nest is made up of comfortable material so that it feels soft to the baby’s skin.
  • The attractive prints can cheer the baby’s mood, with a soft layer that feels smooth while touching or playing with it.
  • Travel and Season friendly comfortable design.
  • Easy to wash or clean by hand.

Know why this product is not suitable [Disadvantages]

  • The size can be too large for some babies as it is compatible for up to 9 months.
  • The thick layers can create too much warmness, the baby can feel difficulty while sleeping.

4. Haus & kinder dream sack cotton baby sleeping bag

Basic Overview:-

  • Brand- Haus-Kinder
  • Size- 2-9 months
  • Colour- White
  • Weight- 0.595 pounds
  • Dimensions- 33x30x4.8 cm

Special Features:-

  1. The bottom of the sleeping bag has sufficient space for the baby to comfortably move their legs.
  2. If the baby tries to move or rollover, the sleeping bag has a comfortable fabric smooth layer that feels soft on the skin of the baby.
  3. It has dual-way zippers in the front for diaper changes, the fabric provides a warm and snug feeling to the baby so that they can relax or sleep peacefully.
  4. The fabric is breathable and it can stretch along with the comfort of the baby.
  5. It consists of 95% cotton and 5% elastane material which provides soft and comfy space for the baby to play, relax or sleep perfectly.

Consider these points before buying [Advantages]

  • This sleeping bag is available in trendy designs and prints.
  • It is easy to wash as it is machine-friendly.
  • The cotton layer can stretch according to the baby’s comfort, the layer gets softer after every wash.
  • The color remains durable and doesn’t fade even after hard frequent washes.
  • The layer is durable, has higher absorbency and quick-drying capability becomes safe for newborn skins.

Know why this product is not suitable [Disadvantages]

  • It can be very large for babies under 3 months.
  • The quality of the zipper is not so good.

5. Online choice cotton sleeping bag for baby [0-6 months]

Basic Overview:-

  • Brand- Online Choice
  • Size- 0-6 months
  • Colour- Pink
  • Weight- 0.570 pounds
  • Dimensions- 16x11x5 cm

Special Features:-

  1. Has a soft pure cotton fabric layer for newborn babies.
  2. Extended attached hood for the protection of the head.
  3. The hood also protects from dust particles and cold breeze airflow to the ears.
  4. The sleeping bag is easy to fold and carry anywhere.
  5. Portable baby comfort shape and design.
  6. Attractive print design that appears beautiful. 

Consider these points before buying [Advantages]

  • Easy to clean and wash.
  • Protected hood which is adjustable according to the head or neck size of the baby.
  • Travel-friendly sleeping bag structure for easy to carry.
  • Safe and secure room space for the baby.

Know why this product is not suitable [Disadvantages]

  • The hood layer can feel itchy to the baby’s head area.
  • The quality of the color print designs fades after 5-6 wash.

6. Kradle wraparound cotton baby sleeping bag [0-12] Month

Basic Overview:-

  • Brand- Kradle
  • Size- 0-12 months
  • Colour- Pink, Yellow, Blue
  • Weight- 0.674 pounds
  • Dimensions- 41x20x8 cm

Special Features:-

  1. The quality of the fabric layer is soft and comfortable, it’s skin-friendly and feels smooth for relaxation.
  2. The large hip, leg, and headroom make it easier for the baby to stretch and play.
  3. The travel-friendly safe design makes it easy to carry anywhere around.
  4. The soft layer present inside doesn’t feel the itch to the baby due to pure organic cotton finishing.
  5. The wrap cover is large enough to wrap up the baby from all sides.

Consider these points before buying [Advantages]

  • Easy to clean and wash as it’s certified cotton and doesn’t get damaged in short usages.
  • Unique and joyful print design that cheers up the mood of the baby.
  • Feels fluffy and extra soft between the head and legroom area for comfort and safety.
  • Available in multiprints and color options.
  • Certified cotton fabric is used which is durable for up to 1 year if used with care.

Know why this product is not suitable[Disadvantages]

  • Takes extra time to dry, should be preferred to keep in direct sunlight for quick drying.
  • The size is compatible with the 0-12 months age group, kids under 6 months may feel it larger. 

Baby sleeping bag online India [Which one to buy?]

You can check our top recommendations on a baby sleeping bag which are available to buy online, we have stated a detailed analysis upon its basic overview, features, and pros/cons. 

[The Checklist]:

Now you can check some of the important points before buying a baby sleeping bag for your little one.

  • Make sure the material is soft.
  • The size should be correct, it should not be too large or small for your baby.
  • The sleeping bag should be travel-friendly.
  • The fabric cotton layer should be washing machine-friendly.
  • Should not feel itchy inside near head or neck side of the baby, as they may feel disturbed while sleeping.
  • The protection near the head should be of durable and tough layer.

Before buying any sleeping bag for your baby, please ensure the above points and purchase the right one, a sleeping bag for a baby should generally have these features in it. 

Considering the above points, we have shortlisted and provided the best sleeping bags for your baby which are available to buy online in India.

You can proceed to buy any of the following sleeping bags which we have listed above, just make sure to check the age groups of the sleeping bags.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]: Sleeping bag for baby

Q1. Can a child suffocate in a sleeping bag?

Sol. Babies under 4-6 months of age should not sleep in large-sized sleeping bags of above 6 months or up to 12 months of age. The sleeping bag should be delicately made for only under 6 months of age group.

Q2. Why do baby sleeping bags have no arms? 

Sol. The baby sleeping bags come with medium or large size armholes that allow fresh air to pass so that the baby should not feel suffocated and proper airflow is maintained.

The baby can also feel overheated if the temperature outside is hot, the armholes prevent overheating by passing air inside.

Q3. Is sleeping bags good for babies?

Sol. Toddlers sleeping bags can help to prevent SIDS, they also prevent arms and legs from getting trapped in cot rails. The baby sleeping bags are designed to provide comfort, safety, and a secure environment for your baby so that they can relax and sleep peacefully.

These bags are travel-friendly and easy to wash, most parents prefer pure organic cotton sleeping bags for their babies so that they should be skin-friendly. 

Q.4 Do babies need a blanket with a sleeping bag?

Sol. NO, sleeping bags for baby are made to use it alone, they are designed to provide safe and warm comfort to the baby, using a blanket over it may cause overheating to the baby, the sleeping cycle will be disturbed.

You are advised to avoid the use of any additional cover, bedsheet, towel, or blanket over the sleeping bag of the baby.

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