4 Best Food Processor In India (2021)

In this article, we have given full brief details of the best food processor in India.

Before the appearance of the food handling machine and the blender processor, did you know how pounding, blending, mixing, and hands perform other activities? Which takes more time or strength of any working person. At that time, when there was no machine, people did their kitchen work with their hands.

Before presenting innovation, the crushing of crude fixings was finish by the pounding stone/granulating wheel made of sandstone the most common way of massaging the mixture, hacking the veggies, and finishing everything by hand.

Presently various undertakings like pounding, mixing, mixture working, cleaving, grinding, mincing, destroying, and so on are executed through machines.

Be that as it may, after the advancement of food processors, you do not need to buy an alternate apparatus for performing various undertakings as a food processor is a performing multiple tasks machine.

A food processor is an essential piece of equipment for the kitchen that constantly helps make food quickly. It also helps in puree soups, massage mixture, cleave, cut, granulate meat, and others.

To buy the best food processor in India in the Indian market, we suggest considering some essential factors which are helpful to know before buying a Food Processor.

Size: Food processors accompany diverse bowl estimates that reach from 1 – 4 liters. For dealing with little undertakings like cutting an onion or mincing not many garlic cloves, a 1-liter bowl is sufficiently adequate. 1 to 2 liter measured food processor is appropriate for a family with 3 – 4 individuals. Notwithstanding, for huge families, go for a 3 or 4-litre limit.

Motor Capacity: Food processors ought to have great motors for taking care of challenging tasks. An engine with 600 Watts is sufficient for little undertakings, yet you might require 750 Watts power to take care of enormous limits.

Connections: Check out the number of links given as they help to crush, cut, shred and do different types of tasks.

1. Rico FF Food Processor

Product Description:-

Rico Food Factory can play out numerous capacities for you. Cleave, cut, and shred every one of your vegetables and other food things effortlessly.

You can whip creams for cakes and cakes and get delightful ready hitters, purees. Additionally, this food processor accompanies various separable cutting edges to dice and cut vegetables with the cutting, hacking, manipulating and destroying edges.

Additionally, you can likewise plan foods grown from the ground juices for your family with a citrus juicer.

Product Features:-


This Rico Food Processor offers a unique 400 watts copper engine that is enduring, giving force and control to set up the entirety of your number one plans.


For best outcomes, utilize the low-speed setting (speed 1) to whip cream, beat eggs, make baked goods and bread mixture. The higher speed setting (speed 2) is appropriate for hauling onions, mixing soups and smoothies or shredding, mesh, or grating vegetables.


The Rico Food Factory accompanies vacuum feet for simplicity of activity, keeping it from sliding. This enemy of slide feet saves the gadget set up for viable working; these feet don’t permit the apparatus to move around while you’re utilizing it. It makes an intense vacuum with the stage that guarantees a fast and simple movement.


The sharp and solid treated steel hacking cutting edge cleaves vegetables like onions instantly. Likewise, it can be utilized for different fixings like nuts, meats or even make batters for pie coverings.


The solid and rugged atta working cutting edge produced using food grade polycarbonate plastic is utilized to make batter quickly. You need to take water and flour in 1:2 proportion.


This Rico Food Processor accompanies a rugged food preparation bowl made of explicit polycarbonate material and has a limit of 800 ml.

Product Advantage

  • Basic, practical, easy to handle for an average person.
  • 400W great electronic motor for quick handling.
  • Prevalent Quality and Multi-Purpose Jars.
  • 3 Speed Setting With Pulse Function.
  • Radial and citrus juicer for a wide range of squeezing.
  • Brilliant for crushing, mixing, blending and packing.
  • Youngster Safe Interlocking System.
  • Overheat Safety Protection.

Product Disadvantages

  • Administration after the deal is insufficient in certain districts.

2. 800-Watt Food Processor (Black) Bosch Lifestyle:-

Product Description:-

It is a perfect and high-performing product, especially in the kitchen, and it is the best food processor for the Indian cooking industry. BSH built its brand value and name in the Indian market and gained consumer’s trust by providing quality service at a very affordable rate after the sales.

Let us discuss the essential features of the 800 watts Bosch Lifestyle Food Processor.

Product Features:-

Powerful Motors of 800 watt

Calm yet great electronic motor for all extreme food preparing applications.

Proper Speed Setting

Speed settings offer different alternatives to the client to change the speed according to their daily uses.

Multifunctional Device

More than 50 applications in a solitary machine (massaging, slashing, cutting, grinding, whipping, crushing). With 13+ embellishments, customers can get ready up to and over 50 different applications.

Multilevel knife with blades

Staggered 6 blade edges are plan to such an extent that they can rapidly mix and pound intense items, including nuts, espresso beans, green veggies, ginger, garlic, etc.

Blender Jar of 1 liter

For planning cold beverages, ice-pulverizing, smoothies, shakes, and squeezes.

Smart Storage Quality

Savvy stockpiling: Storage of standard frill straightforwardly in the minimal bowl. Embellishment gave to guarantee all 13+ connections can be conveniently put away without losing them.

Product Advantages:-

  • It has a powerful electric motor with high efficiency for all extreme food handling applications.
  • It offers various speed settings. You can change it anytime.
  • It has a 6 blade knife with increased sharpness.
  • For getting ready, virus drinks, ice-smashing, smoothies, shakes and squeezes.
  • It has a Brilliant storage capacity.
  • Above 50 applications in a solitary machine (plying, hacking, cutting, grinding, whipping, pounding).

Product Disadvantages:-

  • Difficult to find its spare parts because I did not find them immediately.

3. 1000 Watt Food Processor Morphy Richards:-

Product Description:-

Morphy Richards Food Processor is furnishing with new electronic technology systems, and it has a speed control system.

Other than food processors 1000 watt, it incorporates 25 variable speed controls rather than simply low, medium, and rapid control.

 Here this inconsistent speed is constrained by a solitary turning handle.

The accessibility of 3 preset modes makes Morphy Richards Food Processor 1000 Plus an exceptional, basic, effective, and adaptable food processor.

These preset fastens consequently change the force according to the errand prerequisite. Accessible buttons in preset mode are:

  • Ice Blending.
  • Food handling, divergent juicer, wet and dry crushing.
  • Atta Kneading, citrus juicer.

Product Features:-


These connections help every one of the elements of cutting, slashing, destroying, grinding, whisking, squeezing, working, and some more.


This container shows up with the food processor and plays out the elements of cutting, slashing, destroying, grinding, whisking, squeezing, working, and different capacities.


Partake in the comfort of depending on only one machine to do each of the 16 unique capacities, including grinding, destroying, cleaving, and mincing.


This food processor accompanies 6 unique sorts of sharp edges for playing out different capacities. One of these cutting edges incorporates a 7-venture tempered steel circle edge for cutting, destroying, grinding, and slashing vegetables in 7 unique sizes of thickness.


The square state of the containers guarantees that the pounding has done okay, while the quadra stream innovation goes about as a stream breaker, ensuring that the fixings are ground or mixed flawlessly.


The food processor gives you this and substantially more with a ton of capacities that neither your hands nor your blades or regular blender can coordinate. That proceeds to save you a great deal of your planning time.

Product Advantages:-

  • Complete food processor with juicer blender processor.
  • Prevalent quality treated steel edges.
  • Guarantee: 2 years on an item.
  • Numerous speed controls.
  • Premium quality treated steel containers.
  • Huge limit of 3.2 L food preparing bowl.
  • Interesting Quadra Flow Technology.
  • Citrus and outward juicer.
  • Rich-looking plan.

Product Disadvantages:-

  • The Sales Service is not available in certain areas.


Product Description:-

Assuming you appreciate cooking, you know the delight of plunking down with those you love to share a feast—something not in every case simple to do with our undeniably bustling ways of life. INALSA FIESTA FOOD PROCESSOR takes you to an unheard-of level of food arrangement with no sweat and negligible exertion. From cutting, grinding, crushing, and pureeing, FIESTA deals with your cooking tasks.

With the expansion of multi-useful connections, your machine turns out to be something beyond a food processor; it makes you an expert gourmet specialist in your home. You are extending the capacities to permit you to make your soups, smoothies, child food sources, sauces, plunges, and substantially more.

The prospects are interminable with your own special FIESTA. This machine is essential, productive, robust, and adaptable.

With its 100% unadulterated copper engine of 650 Watts, food arrangement has never been so natural. It changes the force needed for which, at any point, the task you have requested from your food processor.

Product Features:-

Extreme kitchen multi-tasker

With 100% Pure Copper Motor of 650-Watt, that makes your handling quicker and more productive. Overload Protector for Motor Safety, be it cleaving, mixture blend, cutting, destroying, and grinding whatever fixings you’ll have. Force Requirement AC 230 V

Enjoy the character. With exact cutting and dicing, the flawlessness of each piece takes into consideration in any event, cooking, even flavors, and a finished plate of produce. The outcome – a dish that preferences as great as it looks

Best Quality Blades

Blades of excellent steel can be utilized for coarse or fine slashing, pureeing, mixing, and handling cake mixtures.1.5L Polycarbonate BPA-Free Blender Jar and 1L Multipurpose Stainless-Steel Jar to guarantee the solidness

1 liter Blender Jar Capacity

Get more opportunities for yourself-Ideal for getting ready for huge dinners with an enormous limit of 1L. It can handle a broad scope of fixings easily—no compelling reason to stop. You can deal with vast volumes of food in one go. Save time, supper prep, and cash with Fiesta.

Wide feeder tube

 Can fit huge food varieties like an entire square of cheddar for speedy, simple handling and less planning time

Simple upkeep and quiet entertainer The connections can be effectively, and you can tidy up after use without much of a stretch. Celebration, not at all like other food processors, is very and gives a serene cooking experience.

3 Speed setting with heartbeat work

Choose between three diverse speed settings to control your cleaving, destroying and grinding. There’s likewise a heartbeat that works for an additional increase in power when you need it.

Product Advantages:-

  • Intense and incredible 650 watts electric motor.
  • Separable unrivalled quality treated steel edges.
  • Underlying locking instrument.
  • Different speed controls.
  • Solid-Body with white and grey Food Jars.
  • Capacity To Perform Multiple Functions.
  • Diffusive and Citrus juicer.
  • Engine Overload Protector.
  • Stainless Steel preparing bowl.

Product Disadvantages:-

  • Not reasonable for an intense pounding.
  • After-deals administration is imperfect in certain areas.


In this purchasing guide, we go through the fundamental terms and factors that you should keep in mind before purchasing the food processor for your home.

Because of the accessibility of various best food processors in India, the quantity of ads running on Television is so powerful which might stick to us. We might buy some unacceptable item or an item that isn’t important for us.

The purchasing guide of the best food processor for Indian cooking gives a reasonable effect between your genuine need and powerful promotions.

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